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Partnering with Individuals, Families & Children to Connect and Repair

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I think that the problems we face as children become the problems we face as adults. So often the answers lie in the struggle to look beyond behavior and embrace understanding and togetherness. Therapy is about finding a place, and a space, and a heart to reconnect to self, to family, and to friends—focusing on being allies and advocates for one another.   -Anne

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Safety. Connection. Problem Solving

What is the need behind the problem?

Helping families, children, and adolescents is Anne’s passion. Tailoring the treatment to the needs of each individual, child, or family starts with the assumption that trust and relationship are the cornerstones to emotional health and happiness, for people of all ages.

Trust and relationship are often strained between children and their caregivers due to difficult childhood behaviors or emotions.  These behaviors are often rooted in stress, developmental challenges, or adverse life experiences.

Anne uses play/fun as the primary tool through which all therapy is delivered, using the child’s natural ability to play to increase competence, courage and connection and increase motivation to overcome difficulties.

Anne’s work is informed by many exciting evidence and practice informed treatment models such as the TraumaPlay and SOOTHE strategies (Paris Goodyear-Brown et. al), the Empowering, Connecting and Correcting Principals of Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI-Karyn Purvis), the attachment focused games of the Theraplay Model, Dr. Bruce Perry’s integration of trauma-informed practices with neuroscience, and Conscious Discipline, Dr. Betsy Bailey’s trauma informed social learning and behavior management  program.

Parent sessions offer guidance so that therapeutic benefits can be integrated into daily practice at home.

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A Place to Talk

Helping Teens, Parents, and Children

Parents are supported and encouraged as they continue to ask important questions and discern what the child is in need of when they develop problems.

A Place to Play

Here For You

Children become more relaxed  less resistant when they are encouraged in a place filled with the things of childhood.  With the encouragement and direction of a therapist the child or teen is allowed to explore and practice with the language of play, skills that can help them become more confident and master their fears and problems.

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Anne Lehman

Registered Play Therapist

I love my work and have been truly blessed to work with families and children for the last 6 years in private practice, community mental health and school settings.  I am certified as a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and also certified as an Eagala Equine Assisted Psychotherapist.. . I have also been obtaining a certification in TraumaPlay from Paris Goodyear Brown with Nurture House in Franklin, TN.    My degrees are the Ed.S. in Clinical Mental Health from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas as well as an  Ed.S. in Counselor Education and Play Therapy from the University of Mississippi.  I find it rewarding and stimulating to continue to learn about a wide range of relevant topics and enjoy collaborating and learning from the many brilliant clinicians who are making great progress on understanding more about the best ways to work with children.

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